Hang Gliding – fly like a bird

Do you want to fly like a bird? We can teach you.  Flying a hang glider is about the closest humans can get to experiencing the feedom of flight. We teach hang gliding in a safe but challenging environment with a lot of fun. Our lessons are open for everybody from age 14 and up and with an avarage condition. Come fly with us!

Kevin landt met zijn deltavlieger bij ChamouxDelta Fly Adventures the biggest hang gliding school in The Netherlands. Our country is flat, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love flying! We use a winch to get in the air, wich is also a very efficient way to learn how to fly. We also teach on the training hill, in the mountains and in the dunes. We offer training programmes for novice pilots, advanced pilots and all levels in between. We are the only school that actually teaches in The Netherlands, and that offers a year round programme. Language is no problem; we can teach in English and French (though we will try to teach you some Dutch along the way ;-)).

Aptitude and attitude

We’ll teach you how to rig a glider, how to handle it, how to start and land in different circumstances, how to use thermals to stay aloft, when to fly and when not to fly, rights of way in the air, a lot about meteoroly and aerodynamics. The practical bit is the easyest: how to start, steer and land a glider. But that is definitely not all; with a potentially lethal sport, attitude is everything. We aim for you to become not just any pilot but a sensible and autonomous pilot, fit to make his or her own choices. Knowing your limits and making wise decisions is the best way to keep flying safe and fun.

Novice, beginner & advanced

We offer different training programmes for different levels. Would you like to start hang gliding or try it, you can apply for our tandem flight training programme. You can book juste one or two flights as an introduction or you can start with the complete beginners course, to get you flying solo as soon as possible. For advanced pilots we have special courses as well; even for piots who already have a license.  Feel free to get in touch!

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about hang gliding in The Netherlands and our courses, then please get in touch with us. You can fill out the form below, send an e-mail of give Heleen a ring on +316-41280091.


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